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  Welcome to the top 10 best Diet Plans website. Here you will find proven tips, tricks, and advice for cheap weight loss that really does work. There is no reason to starve yourself, or do bootcamp style workouts. There are really good diet plans using natural ways to shed the pounds!

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Last year the big thing was HCG Drops, Hoodia pills, Green Coffee Beans Svetol, and Acai Berry pills. This year it is African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, and Saffron Extract. As for myself I like the long time proven Green Tea, Psyllium Husk, and Apple Cider Vinegar. I am from a fat family. I guess it is all in our DNA. I have three brothers and all of the have been over 250 pounds. 2017 I was the second fattest at 300 pounds naked. Last year my youngest brother Dave lost 65 pounds using HCG 2017 diet pills and replacing his cola drinks with Alkaline boosters in his water. He did not have to change his eating habits or exercise at all. Now I was the fat one in the family. The HCG stuff does scare me as i is hormone based. I don't want my balls to shrink to he size of peas! Boosting your alkaline PH level does make sense though.

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January of 2017, I tried both the Acai Berry and Svetol extract, but they did not work well with my blood pressure meds. This year I started drinking 64 ounces of green tea every day. I would use an empty apple juice plastic bottle. I would make it with 4 green tea bags and hot water; and would let it sit overnight so it would be strong the next morning. I would also add one ounce of apple cider vinegar to every 15 ounce glass to give it some flavor. The first month I shed 22 lbs. Last month I dropped another 16 pounds. In 2017 this is the best weight loss plan ever! I also cut out some of the carbs like sweets, noodles, and breads. I would still eat rice or potatoes with meals, so I guess you can call it reduced carb eating.

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About once a week I would go off the reservation and really eat like a pig. Normally Sunday dinner or going out to eat at the Old Country Buffet. Later that night I would take a double dose of Psyllium Husk like Metamucil. The next morning most of the food I would eat on pig-out day ended up in the toilet. No damage done! Now that I am feeling good, For 2017 I just started walking one mile, twice a week. We will see how this little bit of exercise goes.
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